BDR Beauty Defect Repair System
The Medical Beauty Concept – The treatment method of the future is a combination of synergetic dermaceutical products and an innovative device system. Achieving the best skin regeneration to active age repair.The Medical Beauty Defect Repair is sensational for skin improvement in: deep wrinkles, acne and in ammation, sun-damaged skin, scars and weals.

BDR – A new era in aesthetics
A new era in aesthetics is expanding all over the world; the BDR medical beauty concept offers the complete formula focused on
the demands of an even more informed market, concentrated on research into beauty and aesthetics. Innovative technology, intelligent protocols, specifically developed dermaceutical active ingredients, professionally trained Beauty therapists all work in synergy making it possible to target and regenerate the problematic skin areas. The BDR medical beauty concept reactivates defects in the skins structure and regenerates skin in even the deepest wrinkles.

Beauty Defect Repair is a unique treatment method that combines a variety of techniques. The treatments are tailored to every
type of skin complaint and work by restoring and enhancing the skin’s natural ability to renew itself. The result is an immediate improvement in the health, quality and appearance of your skin. Beauty Defect Repair techniques include fruit acid skin peel, a BDR-patented alternative to microdermabrasion, micro skin needling, blue light therapy, lymphatic massage, circulation massage and rejuvenation using red LED light therapy. Combining all those non-invasive techniques with BDR professional skincare products makes it a safe and effective alternative to other treatments on the market.